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25 May 2011

Never Give Up!!

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatuLLAHI wabarakatuh...

You do something,
It doesn’t work.

You do it again,
It doesn’t work

You may think you’ve failed,
But you haven’t,
You’ve only begun.

There will be obstacles,
They’re part of the adventure.
Where would the accomplishment be,
If it was simple?

Every time you try again,
Every time you don’t give up,
Every time you overcome an obstacle,
You’re already winning.

You only fail,
When you give up.

So always try your best,
Never give up,
And you’ve already won.
We are never alone, just reach into our heart and ALLAH is always there...

ALLAH memberi kita kegagalan, agar kita menghargai sebuah kejayaan... ALLAH memberi kita kejayaan agar kita menghargai nikmat kurniaanNYA... Moga kita menjadi golongan yang beringat... ALLAHuALLAH...

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